YCANI New Years Pledge!

Since the Industrial Revolution, our earth’s average temperature has already risen by about 1 degree celsius. We, the Youth Climate Association of NI, refuse to let us head straight into disaster. But we can’t do this on our own. We need the attention, commitment and immediate action of our local councils. Our futures are on the line.  

As a Global North country, and especially as a part of the UK, we are historically responsible for the current climate crisis, with our actions continually harming the most affected people and areas including the Global South and black, indigenous, people of colour of communities – who are facing the brunt of the climate crisis.

We must fight this global emergency right now as this crisis will only get worse, and will come closer to home, leading to issues such as extreme weather events, flooding and climate migration. 

Therefore, as we have entered a new year, we have decided to encourage political leaders and decision makers to get involved in actively engaging with the public and youth and with their opinions on the councils’ and government’s action in tackling climate change. 

To do so, we created a survey which was made available to the public for their consultation, and from this, the pledges found below were written. Please read this short document to gain an insight into the public opinion. 


A pledge is a promise to act in a specific way in the future. We want our pledges to be a commitment to fighting the climate and ecological crises by listening to the public and youth voice. 

I pledge to…

  1. Support and/or vote in favour of a Climate Act and any other legally-binding climate legislation when it is discussed in the Northern Ireland Assembly. In addition, if possible, put forward a motion of support for climate legislation. 

2. Advocate for and work towards a green recovery from the coronavirus pandemic for NI and, in doing so, ensure this encompasses a just transition, striving to eliminate social injustices.  (For more information click here)

3. Continually fight to divest from funding and availing of fossil fuels, aiming to expand the renewable energy sector and reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030.   (For more information click here)

4. Protect and invest in NI’s biodiversity and precious eco-systems, pledging to eliminate the threat of extinction for our flora and fauna.  (For more information click here)

5. Demand more extensive and comprehensive awareness and education on climate and ecological justice issues, both in the public domain and in education by funding activities that work to bring education to schools and the public

6. Fight for and support campaigns that ask for more frequent, better and greener public transport systems. Furthermore, fight for better, safer and more extensive cycling lanes across Northern Ireland 

7. Fight for more green spaces around the cities of Northern Ireland striving to (re)wild public spaces and encourage public schemes such as Eco-Gardens which will lead to more respectful, self-sufficient and knowledgeable citizens. 

8. Fight for better recycling facilities in parks, around beaches and more generally around cities. In addition support laws and motions to ensure even safer waste disposal that does not harm the environment further, here in NI and abroad. For example, single use plastic bans

Of these pledges, it is expected that, pledge one, the voting in favour of a Climate Act for NI is carried out as soon as possible as legally binding legislation is of the utmost importance. We would also greatly appreciate transparency and updates on progress in relation to these eight pledges.