Our Green Recovery campaign

Our Green Recovery campaign aims to spread awareness of the fact that Northern Ireland could pave the way to a sustainable future with a Green Recovery and set an example for the rest of the world. We believe a Green Recovery is the best way forward.

So far, some of the work we have been doing for our campaign has been creating the hashtag #GreenRecoveryNI so that people can engage with and use the hashtag all over social media while spreading awareness about our campaign. Not to mention our Green Recovery NI Digital Toolkit designed to help people spread awareness and take action with us on a Green Recovery by posting our easy-to-digest infographics.

    We have also reached out to and partnered with other reputable climate organisations here in Northern Ireland to get the word out about our campaign. These include RSPB, Ulster Wildlife, Fridays For Future Belfast, Extinction Rebellion NI, Sustainable NI and Polluters out NI.   Another part of our campaign work has been reaching out to politicians.  We have sent out actions we think need to be taken in regards to a post-COVID19 response effort to Councillors, MLPs, MPs and MEPs from areas across Northern Ireland from different political parties. We have written an open letter that individuals can send to their local representatives via email (which is a part of our Digital Toolkit) so they can take action with us, and to show a public appetite for a Green Recovery in Northern Ireland. 

By Georgia Allen

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