Green Recovery NI

#GreenRecoveryNI is our new campaign. The aim is to advocate for a green recovery out of COVID-19 in Northern Ireland.

We want to secure a green, sustainable future for Northern Ireland by ensuring we get a Green Recovery out of COVID-19 and spread awareness of the fact that Northern Ireland could pave the way to a sustainable future with a Green Recovery and set an example for the rest of the world. We believe a Green Recovery is the best way forward.

Our Campaign logo!
Omagh Green Recovery physical action

What is a green recovery for Northern Ireland and why is it important?

A green recovery for us is an investment in green industry, renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure such as transport, instead of bailing out polluting industries as a quick fix. It also would include improving pre-existing green spaces and creating new ones. Furthermore, it includes withholding bailouts to polluters who promise no strong commitment to transition to green, sustainable ways. All of this while creating new jobs in the green industry and helping existing workers from polluting industries to transfer their skills to jobs in the green industry. It is a just transition out of lock-down, where the government uses the power of their economic stimulus packages to create an economy that is better, greener and more equal than what was in place before in Northern Ireland. It is especially relevant to us as we’re young people and this decision that is in the hands of governments right now will shape our future for better or worse.

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